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Where heart-centered work and science-based treatment come together.

All services are currently available both in-house and virtually. 


Longwood Psychological Center is home to some of the most experienced and effective psychologists and therapists in North Alabama.  Our diligent staff members are committed to maintaining your privacy and treating each person in a warm, respectful manner.  We pride ourselves on fostering an atmosphere that makes Longwood a safe and comfortable place to receive professional counseling and psychological services.

Welcome the Newest Members of the Longwood Family

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of our Longwood family, Amanda Peters and Tom Danner. Both Amanda and Tom provide skilled psychotherapy and are currently accepting new patients with immediate availability at a self pay rate of $60 per session.


What Makes Us Unique

In addition to our clinicians being very knowledgeable in a broad range of psychological skills, we are involved in a variety of ideas and experiences which enhance human growth and healing.

Quirk Works

A creative blueprint to healing and growth through the collaboration of individualism and universal synergy. Click here to learn more.

Psychological Evaluations

Using Psychological Testing and Clinical Interview, Dr. Quirk provides an in depth Psychological Evaluation on every new client to ensure that you get the therapist and treatment best suited to your personal needs.

Theatrical Therapy

"Art is to Emotion what Science is to Thought" Here at Longwood, our team is involved in, and encourage, theater and music as a method of emotional expression and healing. Click here to learn more.

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