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Quirk Works!

A creative blueprint to healing and growth. 
Why Quirk Works

Quirk Works is a creative foundation established  to promote structure and growth in your life. From principles to practice, our framework brings you everything you need in order to live in accordance with your highest self.

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Meet Dr. Patrick Quirk

Dr. Quirk is a licensed psychologist with more than 35 years of diverse experience in the mental health field, providing a full range of clinical services for all diagnoses and ages.  He and his wife, Dr. Margaret Bibb are longtime faculty of the UAB School of Medicine as well as the founders of Longwood Psychological Center.  They are also the authors of the long standing weekly Huntsville Times column Real Life Answers.  As the founder of Quirk works, Dr. Quirk provides a system that combines many attributes of daily life, human individuality, and universal synergy. This system promotes growth and personal evolution through the connection of individual diversity and universal synergy.

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Theatrical Therapy

How to Work your Quirks
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Theatrical Therapy

Healing through the Arts

theatrical therapy

What is theatrical therapy?

     Theatrical Therapy is the use of creative methodology through the performing arts to facilitate personal growth and healing. Humanity is creative by nature and driven by our creative force. Theatrical therapy utilizes this unique aspect of our being in order to provide positive expression, coping mechanisms, and thought processes in order to help us heal and positively impact our mental health. 

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Personal Diary
Real Life Answers

E-Book Series

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Real Life Answers is a collection of ebooks about creating community in every aspect of life, from community within oneself, to work life, to family, to marriage, and beyond. Written by Dr. Patrick Quirk, Psy. D., and Dr. Margaret Bibb Quirk, Psy. D., these tomes are full of empathetic, poignant advice for any stage of life. Download today and learn more about how to become the hero of your life story. 

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Working Your Quirks

Video Series 


Our unique youtube profile offers perspective on healing and growth, from self help practices and mechanisms, to unique interviews on various mental health topics. Click here to learn more.

Dr Quirk often focuses videos on psychological issues and content that holds socio economic importance such as this one. To watch this video and get the full story click  here.

Visit the Dr. Quirk YouTube channel here

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